A WOMAN grabbed a girl round the neck and pulled her hair, York magistrates heard.

Wendy Fulthorpe, 53, also assaulted two off-duty police officers who saw what was happening and went to the 14-year-old’s aid. Fulthorpe, of Minster View, Wigginton, pleaded guilty to two charges of assaulting emergency workers and one of assault.

Her case was adjourned until July 4 and she was released on bail.

Paul Canfield, prosecuting, said the girl was sitting with others outside Wigginton Village Store at 7pm on May 12. Fulthorpe went up, saying she was drunk, and they said they could see that. The woman said: “Are you getting gobby?”

The girl said she was 14, Fulthorpe said she didn’t care, pushed her, put one hand round her neck and pulled her hair.

Two off-duty police officers intervened but Fulthorpe kicked them.

For her, Mark Whitfield said she had physical and mental health problems as she was going through the menopause. She had been drinking and the alcohol combined with medication she was taking and she behaved in a way she now regretted. She had since changed her treatment. Mr Canfield said the girl suffered reddening of her neck. The police officers had no visible injuries.