A YORK woman turned 100 today and celebrated her milestone birthday in military style.

Ellen Mary Jackson, of Holgate, joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) – then the women’s branch of the Army – in 1940 and served throughout the Second World War.

It was her ambition to serve with the Royal Corps of Signals, but she was originally unable to join as she did not have any school certificates.

However, following a short period as a physical training instructor, she was allowed to sit the entry test – gaining the highest score – and took up her dream job.

She served at Newmarket as a signal operator for three years between 1942-1945, a role she was honoured to have and something she still proudly talks about.

Ellen’s son, David Jackson, thought it fitting that in, the 75th anniversary year of D-Day, his mother should have her landmark birthday honoured and got in touch with 2 Signal regiment, which is headquartered in York, to ask if the branch standard could be present at her home on the big day.

When asked what keeps his mother so fit and motivated, David said: “She’s not a worrier, she’s fearless and will give everything a go.”

Current branch members were also in attendance, while the Regimental Colonel of the Royal Signals also sent Ellen a card.