Maurice Vassie asked (Letters, June 15) what action his beloved EU had taken to the detriment of my UK.

Just a few examples: the fishing industry decimated by EU rules, the farming industry hit by EU rules only British farmers seem to comply with, the steel industry ruined because of EU competition rules. And what about decimalisation?

As for staving off war, this is a myth. It is now an economic war with Germany being top dog.

Peter Coates, Greenshaw Drive, Haxby, York

Corblimey would turn UK into next Venezuela

I commend Rachael Maskell for all her local concerns but would like to know how she can support entrenched anti-Semitism in the Labour Party? I fear if Jeremy Corblimey ever became Prime Minister we would become the next Venezuela. Surely the Labour party can do better for a leader?

John Zimnoch,

Osbaldwick, York

PS: I wish somebody could also explain to me why no deal would be such a disaster, as I don't subscribe to the propaganda of the vested interests that say so.