HERE'S a great aerial photograph of York, as seen from the south side of the city looking north. Taken in November, 1956, by a Yorkshire Evening Press photographer, it is dominated by the River Ouse, flowing down the centre of the picture. Where the river kinks lft in the top third of the photograph, you can just see the tongue-shaped projection of land that sticks out between the Ouse and the Foss where the two rivers meet.

Rowntree Park is to the west of the Ouse - and then, further west, you have the distinctive curve of Nunthorpe Crescent and, beyond that, the grounds of Nunthorpe Grammar School for Boys(now Millthorpe School).

Bishopthorpe Road runs down the left half of the photo, and Fulford Road can just be made out on the right.

The Redfearn National Glass works can be seen on the banks of the Foss; the cooling tower of the old York power station is clearly visible top centre, with the gas holders at Heworth above; and in the top left of the photograph is York Minster.

Though the photograph was taken by a Press photographer, we actually came across it while trawling through pictures on Explore York's wonderful Imagine York archive. You can see plenty more images like it at

Stephen Lewis