A NUISANCE neighbour has been thrown out of her home for the third time.

York magistrates ordered Mary Jane Allen’s home in Swann Street, York, to be boarded up until September 11 under a premises closure notice.

No one can be in the property for three months.

She had only got the keys back on April 26 after a previous ban from the council house she had first rented in June 2018. City of York Council had also got a premises closure notice against her when she lived in Backhouse Close, The Groves, in February 2018.

Ms Allen’s solicitor Adam Henry said she was the victim of a “witch hunt” by the council and that she was a vulnerable person.

Magistrates heard police and council evidence that Ms Allen, 31, had been involved in violent incidents at or near her Swann Street home on several occasions.

Victoria Waudby, for City of York Council, said on May 26 Ms Allen had been “kicking off in Swan Street armed with a garden fork” and the next day had been involved in an incident with a baseball bat. There were other incidents.

Paul Morrison, from the council’s community safety team, said she had left rubbish unsuitable for kerbside recycling in the street outside her home, including a door, and windows of the property had been damaged since April 26.

Giving evidence, Ms Allen said she had put the rubbish in a recycling bin for recycling. The door was damaged and, being wooden, could be recycled.

“I haven’t been involved in nowt,” she said, adding that in an incident on May 29, she had feared for her own safety. She suffered from depression and had a drug habit.

Magistrates heard the council had started eviction proceedings against her and a county court hearing was listed on August 16.