YORK is officially the best place in England, and second best in the UK, for vintage clothing finds according to new research from leather jacket shop, Hidepark Leather.

The analysis looked at the number of charity shops in the largest 30 cities around the UK and then compared this to the amount of disposable income per household in each city.

The locations for the best vintage clothing hunting were decided as those with the fewest number of charity shops, as well as the most disposable income, therefore creating the best opportunity for vintage finds.

York had the fifth lowest number of charity shops at 16, alongside the fifth highest disposable income per household at £18,070.

This score allowed it to come first in England, proposing it has some of the best opportunity for vintage clothing finds.

The city beat other notable large cities such as Newcastle, Portsmouth, Brighton and Belfast.

Susanna, the founder of local fashion blog, A Yorkshire Girl, said: “As someone who enjoys wearing vintage fashion, there is nothing more exciting than hunting round vintage clothing boutiques and charity shops for that unique, one-off outfit. With its history stretching back as far as Roman and Viking times, and ancient streets full of vibrant shops, York is the perfect place to find those quirky and authentic vintage outfits.

" Vintage clothing lovers will be mesmerized by the endless choice of vintage boutiques and well-stocked charity shops. All this shopping takes place within the breathtaking ancient city walls which provide a natural backdrop to any keen vintage devotee.”