MORE money could go towards tackling graffiti and creating a new environment team, according to the council leader.

Cllr Keith Aspden said the new Liberal Democrat and Green Party-led administration will set an emergency budget at the next full council meeting.

Speaking at a meeting on Monday night, he said the level of council tax will not change - but where the money is spent will.

He said: “We won’t be able to do everything that we want to with that emergency budget because although in essence you can move money around, you can’t change the level of council tax that’s been set.

“I would certainly see environment and sustainability - tackling graffiti - to be part of that emergency budget, which would lead to additional resources going into that area.”

The Liberal Democrats set the previous budget with the Conservatives in March - when a 3.25 per cent council tax increase was approved.

Cllr Aspden said the new budget will set out the council’s priorities and residents will also be invited to have their say on what the authority’s “plan and vision will look like over the next four years” as part of a consultation.