ALL Saints' Church, in North Street, York, will be transformed into a circus tent on Wednesday with fire jugglers, popcorn, banjos, brass and one-man bands, wrapped up into one old-time package from 7.30pm.

Why? Because York promoter and musician Kai West is presenting American musician Curtis Eller and his band American Circus, showcasing their album A Poison Melody that night.

"I put on a few gigs a year for York record label Young Thugs, and the reason I only put a handful on is because I like to go big," says Kai. "I don’t just want my gigs to be gigs, they have to be events."

York Press:

Kai West's poster for Wednesday's circus show with Curtis Eller at All Saints' Church

Kai reckons stalwart banjo player, songwriter and rock'n'roller Curtis Eller is "hands down one of the greatest showmen I have ever seen". "He comes over from the States every couple of years and has built up massive support in some areas of the UK, and I want York to be one in the future," he says. "The reason he sells out tours is because he is simply captivating, weaving stories and taking the audience on one hell of a ride."

On that ride Eller's songs convey a dreamlike vision of American history where all points in time have collapsed into one.

Support on Wednesday comes from York’s Charlie Swainston and his Sweet Berry Elixir in a full band performance, plus the tip-toe-tapping one-woman one-man band, The Old Time Rags. Tickets cost £5 at