ARE you prepared for the future? Have you got a plan in place which will deliver on your dreams?

Many people live in the ‘now’, without giving much thought to, not only how they will maintain their lifestyle when they stop work, but also, what they truly want to achieve.

While your weeks are busy with work and other commitments, time is your most precious commodity, and personal financial planners bdb are encouraging people to think ahead and start to consider that future now.

Not so much, “How much money do, and will, I have?”, more “What does ‘good’ look like for me, where do I see myself, and what would I like to do with my time?”

York Press:

Andrew Brook-Dobson, Managing Director of bdb Financial, explains: "What we've discovered over the years, is that money really isn't interesting or important, it's just that it allows us to do interesting and important things.
"I've always described financial planning as a process of getting the balance right between living for today and living for the future."

With research showing that one in five adults have no financial goals at all, bdb’s approach is to educate people about life and financial planning.

Celine Delasalle, Communications Manager, explains: “At bdb, our financial planning process starts with our clients – not with their money. Our clients are frequently surprised that we might not discuss money at all in our first meeting.

“We are more interested in finding out where people are now; what their dreams and aspirations are. At the onset, most people lack clarity about their long-term goals. We help them define a vision for considering the future with a fresh approach. We then work with them to create a financial plan, using our powerful cashflow tools to ensure that it delivers on those goals.”

Most financial conversations revolve around the ups and downs of the markets, with graphs showing the performance of investments which make little sense without the context of what it means for one’s life and situation. A lack of clear understanding, plan or confidence of what the future may hold generates unnecessary stress. A long term and evidence-based investment approach such as bdb’s is proven to secure the most successful outcomes for families they service.

Research also shows that, whatever your circumstances, those who receive advice do better than an equivalent unadvised group.

The team of Chartered Financial Planners at bdb in Harrogate puts the person and the family at the centre of any planning, because each individual’s plan will be as unique as their circumstances, they provide a Personal Finance Director service for many successful Yorkshire families. If you would like to find out how financial planning can benefit your life, you can join one of their regular seminars or get in touch to start your journey to success.


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