A NORTH Yorkshire town is the easiest place in England to pass your practical driving test, according to new figures.

Insurance firm Marmalade has analysed 10 years of pass rate data from every driving test centre in the UK to reveal the 10 spots with the highest and lowest pass rates, and the best and worst months to take your test in each location.

Malton driving test centre scored an average pass rate of 64.17 per cent - well above the UK average of 54.4 per cent.

The North Yorkshire market town had the eighth best pass rate out of the 332 centres in the UK - and the best in England.

Malton’s figure was approximately 10 per cent higher than that of York, which only scored a 53.64 per cent pass rate - below the national average. Nearby Scarborough had a 54.75 per cent pass rate.

When analysing monthly rates at Malton, January topped all other months of the year with a 67.49 per cent pass rate.

Malton was the only practical driving test centre in Yorkshire to land a spot in the top 10 easiest places to pass a practical driving test - and was one of only two in England to make the top 10. The other English test centre is in Kendal, Cumbria, which had a 62.68 per cent pass rate. 

Seven of the top 10 pass centres were in Scotland, with one in Wales. Campbeltown, in Argyll and Bute, Scotland, is the easiest place to take your test - with an average pass rate of 73.68 per cent.

Meanwhile, the hardest places to pass a practical driving test in the UK have also been revealed.

Belvedere, in London, was the toughest spot, with a pass rate of just 31.20 per cent.

Leeds and Bradford - Heaton, in West Yorkshire, were the fourth and fifth hardest places to pass in the UK, with pass rates of just 34.73 per cent and 35.03 per cent respectively.