JOSEPH Terry & Sons Ltd, says the sign on the van in the background of this photograph.

But where was it taken, and who are the people pictured?

We have a fairly good idea, thanks to the caption attached to the picture, which comes from ExploreYork's Imagine York archive.

The people in the photograph are thought to be members of the Terry family. And, according to the caption, they're 'at the Terry's factory, probably as part of celebrations which were held to celebrate the company's anniversary in 1927'.

If the photograph was taken in 1927, however, that begs the question: which Terry's factory is this? The 'old' one at Clementhorpe, which opened in 1862? Or the 'new' one on Bishopthorpe Road, which was built in 1924?

We suspect probably the latter. But if any readers know for sure we'd be glad to hear from you. And if you can recognise any of the people in the photograph, even better...

Stephen Lewis