ARTIST in residence Giuliana Lazzerini’s solo exhibition of paintings and linocuts runs at the Blue Tree Gallery, Bootham, York, from tomorrow to July 27.

The new works and limited-edition linocuts are full of colour, expression and vitality on the themes of Yorkshire and Tuscany. Born in Tuscany, Giuliana moved to Yorkshire in 1987. Her artistic inspiration comes from her childhood, when much of her time was spent in her father’s mosaic studio in Italy.

“The translucency of mosaic images and the way colours can vibrate against each other always fascinated me,” she says. “After spending many years living in Yorkshire, I now have lots of memories from which to unleash my imagination.

“As time goes by, my urgency to paint has become more and more pressing. I hope that can be seen in this latest series of paintings, in the spontaneous energy of the paint that I apply on the canvas with the combined use of the brush and palette knife.”

Giuliana celebrate the beauty of Yorkshire and Tuscany in a semi-abstract way. “My love for colour combines with carefully constructed composition to hopefully achieve a pleasing balance, appreciating what we have, the landscape, nature, animals, coastline and the sea,” she says. “The need to allow memory and imagination to interact is vital.”