CITY of York Council has now paid £250 in compensation to a man who faced a possible 29-year wait for it to decide on his application for a public right of way.

Graham Cheyne said he had received a cheque, along with an apology for the delay in making a ‘definitive map modification order’ on his request for a right of way across a field in Fulford.

He said the authority had also said sorry for the frustration caused by its failure to provide a reasonable timescale for carrying out a direction by the Secretary of State to make such an order.

Mr Cheyne, of Fulford, said: "I am giving the Open Spaces Society £125 and the other £125 to Leonard's Hospice.

"This was never about money for me. It was about people having the right to use paths they have used for years."

The Press reported last month how Mr Cheyne said he was almost 70 and very much doubted he would still be around in 29 years time to benefit from such an order.

The council, which was criticised over the delays by the Local Government Ombudsman, said it was working to tackle a backlog of other historic rights of way applications across York.