FOLK 'S questing pioneers Lau promote their latest album, Midnight And Closedown, at The Crescent, off Blossom Street, York, on Wednesday night.

Kris Drever, Aidan O'Rourke and Martin Green’s 12-year recording career together has been marked by unexpected collaborations and innovative ideas. Now, the sound of Lau in 2019 is closer to late-period Beatles than to the traditional tunes and ballads of their 2007 debut, Lightweights And Gentlemen.

On Lau’s first new material since 2015’s The Bell That Never Rang, producer John Parish has captured the essence of their songwriting: tender, bewitching and mournful, uplifting, experimental and political.

"Lau. Cool band. Don't sound like anybody else," says Parish. "I could describe the instrumentation: treated fiddle, guitar and rich baritone voice, an electronic ship in a bottle. A beautiful set of songs and instrumentals. In touch with their roots but not bound by them."

Lau have pushed at the boundaries of modern folk music with each album and concert tour, but whether the enigmatic title of Midnight And Closedown is a valedictory portent, wait and see. Tickets for Wednesday's 7.30pm concert are on sale via