THE Bev Jones Music Company presents its annual celebration of the variety in musical theatre on June 8 at the Joseph Rowntree Theatre, York.

Strictly The Greatest Show follows in the dancing footsteps of 2018’s Strictly Happy and subsequent productions of Oklahoma! last October and The Full Monty in March.

“Now we bring together a bigger, even better company of York’s top voices, including The Full Monty company,” says Lesley.

New faces in the 40-strong line-up include Charlotte Wood, Claire Brooks, Jennie Wogan, Larry Gibson, Emma Louise Lane, Richard Goodall, Sarah Meadows, Matthew Clark, Ceridwen Daly and Abbi Nicholson, who will be performing alongside “many old favourites in the city who have their own following”.

Among them will be Sally Lewis, Chris Hagyard, Steven Jobson, Kelly Bolland, Rich Hawley, Andrew Isherwood, Peter Wookie and Melissa Boyd.

“We’ve acquired so many extra people from other groups, who sing principal roles, that I believe our singing strength is now second to none in York,” says Lesley.

The Bev Jones Music Company also has a new management team in place. “They’re keen to bring musical theatre to a new level,” says Lesley. “The first addition is a new choreographer, Claire Brooks, who started in musicals with Bev in 2008. She’s a well-known performer and established professional dancer and singer, who turns her hand to choreography.

“What a transformation she has brought! The show now includes an enviable dance troupe with ten girls who show their skills in tap, Latino and jazz.”

Strictly The Greatest Show also introduces a new musical director in Gill Boler. “She has perfumed with us for many many years and we welcome her in her new temporary role,” says Lesley.

The 2.30pm and 7.30pm performances will be hosted by master of ceremonies Mr Dougie Weake, the YO1 Radio presenter and stalwart of York’s musical theatre scene.

“His witty humour and cheeky York banter is known to many from his years on the radio circuit, and he was the MC for Bev’s last performance at the Grand Opera House,” says Lesley.

“Dougie will be introducing songs from The Full Monty, Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Cabaret and many more. By popular demand, we'll do a few favourites from Les Miserables too.

“It’s going to be a feelgood show with dozens of your favourites, plus many new dances and singing of the highest quality, for which the Bev Jones Music Company is so well renowned,” says Lesley. “As a bonus, we'll have a summer Pimm’s bar, so you can enjoy a listen with a tipple!”

Meanwhile, the Bev Jones Music Company has appointed a new managing director, Rich Hawley, formerly of the York Light Opera Company. “He brings a wealth of experience and marketing skills to the company, together with a long-term company plan," says Lesley.

“Our finances are now headed by Gavin Shaw, a stalwart leading player, and Melissa Boyd, who oversees our social media.”

Looking ahead, the Bev Jones Music Company has four more shows pencilled into the JoRo diary: Bev Jones’s Penny Millionaire In Concert, from August 15 to 18, followed by Chess, Copacabana and a Final Farewell To Bev Jones in 2020 at the Grand Opera House.

“For that finale, there'll be more than 75 performers on stage, so it'll be a big show and will include a projection of [the late]Bev himself singing at the piano," says Lesley. "After producing those shows, I will leave the theatre scene a happy person."

Tickets for next Saturday’s performances are on sale at £12 to £15 on 01904 501935 or at