BARRIERS have been put up in a York city centre street after The Press raised fears that a hollow in the road surface might be about to become the city's next 'sinkhole.'

Just a day after a huge hole opened up in Penley's Grove Street, a hollow about six feet wide was developing earlier today in a section of Walmgate, near The Press headquarters.

The hollow appeared to be worsening and gave the impression that a drain or sewer under the surface might be beginning to collapse.

A taxi driver, @MatteBlackTaxi, tweeted:"The next sinkhole will be on Walmgate.You literally drive into the hole and then back out at the moment."

The Press alerted North Yorkshire Police to the potential problem at just after 10am, raising concerns that a hole might suddenly open up with dangerous consequences if a bus or other heavy vehicle passed over it.

The force said it would investigate and by 12.30, the hollow had been sealed off with barriers, presumably as a precautionary measure until the cause of the hollow can be investigated.