THE Victoria Vaults music pub, in Nunnery Lane, York, has two biggies coming up: the return of Happy Mondays' Bez on May 31, followed by Alvin Gibbs and The Disobedient Servants on June 5.

The Servants' line-up features not only Gibbs and Jamie Oliver , from UK Subs, but also Leigh Heggarty, from Ruts DC, on guitar. Support that night comes from Criminal Mind.

To mark these two gigs, the Viccy Vaults has two sets of prizes to be won. First up, the Happy Mondays' 12-inch single Lazyitis, from Vinyl Eddie's record shop in Tadcaster Road, and two tickets for Bez's gig. Secondly, "a rather lovely blue and yellow vinyl limited-edition double album", Submission, Best Of The UK Subs 1982-1998, and two tickets for Alvin Gibbs's show.

Bez question: Which instrument is Bez oft to be spotted holding?

Gibbs question: In which city did UK Subs form?

Send your answer, marked separately Bez Competition or Gibbs Competition, by email to by Thursday, 12 noon. Usual competition rules apply.

Meanwhile, promoter Dave Sollitt was delighted by the response to this month's Vinyl Eddie label launch gig at Fibbers. "It was an absolutely amazing night with four superb York band delivering brilliant sets to a rapt crowd of 350-plus," he says. "If there's been a better gig comprising York bands in the plast 20 years or so, I must have missed it!"