A CARING and supportive teacher has been nominated for s Community Pride award for her enthusiasm and commitment.

Emily Corner, at Heworth Primary School, has been nominated for Teacher of the Year for her enthusiastic teaching and her ability to help children progress at the school.

Miss Corner, who is Early Years and Key Stage 1 leader and Class 1 teacher, was nominated by several parents of pupils in her reception class.

They said: “Miss Corner inspires her pupils through her own enthusiasm and commitment. She truly cares about her pupils and also their parents. She is easy to talk to and is extremely caring and supportive with any issues the pupils or parents/ carers may have.

“She has also helped bring the children on in leaps and bounds. She has the patience to sit with them and help them if they are struggling and is full of encouragement for every child. A number of parents have said how they can’t believe how far their child has come with their reading and writing in such a short space of time.

“She takes an interest in each child individually and is able to pick up on any issues she feels they may be experiencing and guides the parents in how to deal with these, whether it is encouraging to see doctors for referrals or supporting families with issues that are already known.

“She has the trust of the children and they will go and speak to her about any issues. In some cases, they trust her enough to tell her more than they will tell their parents, but Miss Corner will always speak to the parents to let them know what has happened and what is going on.

“Miss Corner does everything with a smile on her face, from teaching the children to handing bags of soiled clothing to parents following accidents that she has had to clean up. Miss Corner also regularly goes the extra mile and helps the parents if they have personal problems.

"When you are taking your young child to school for the first time she instantly makes you feel that you have nothing to worry about and that your child will be cared for in the way you would.

“Miss Corner is a true inspiration to both pupils and parents alike and we feel that she is a Teacher of the Year.”

On hearing of her nomination, Miss Corner said she was honoured and felt a great sense of gratitude knowing that parents felt he was making a difference to the pupils' education.

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