A HOMELESS couple in York have celebrated their engagement at a street kitchen.

Marc Cullen proposed to Maggie Lewis at Hoping Street Kitchen in Kings Square on the evening of Sunday, May 12, and the couple are now planning their future together.

Marc, a trained chef originally from Glasgow, first got to know Maggie, originally from Manchester, earlier this year through a Facebook group.

Marc, 43, said: “We arranged to meet in Manchester so I left Plymouth where I was living at the time, and went to Manchester where Maggie had just been made homeless.

“I’d already bought a ticket for York and Maggie came back down to meet me, we had a chat and she decided to leave everything behind and come with me to York, and we fell head over heels in love with each other.”

The couple have been on the streets for almost two weeks now, and are pooling their benefits to save for a bond for a property.

But while they are trying to find accommodation, say they are finding things difficult.

Marc said: “It’s not going too well at the moment.

“We both went to view a couple of properties in Bradford and those fell through.

“The only people helping us in York are the Salvation Army in Lawrence Street, but we can’t get anywhere in York.

“I’m on Universal Credit and Maggie is on Jobseekers Allowance, and because of the amount I get monthly, we’re going to survive off Maggie’s money for the next three months and go to the bank so that will hopefully go towards a bond.

“We don’t really like thinking about the stress of it, but we’re hoping we can support each other.

“That’s what we’re worrying about but we will see.”

Jayne Venables, a volunteer with Hoping Street Kitchen, said the couple’s happiness was clear to everyone there.

She said: “It’s a tonic for all of us at Hoping Street Kitchen to see Marc and Maggie so happy together.

“Their beaming smiles were so sweet last Sunday.

“We wish them a warm home and a sparkling future.”