A SERIES of remembrance events continue at a former York airbase today.

Days after a Spitfire was seen in the skies over York, as part of the Yorkshire Air Museum’s Against The Odds event, which saw scores of re-enactors recreate Second World War-era RAF Elvington, a French flag will be raised to commemorate the formation of 346 Guyenne Squadron.

The Against The Odds event marked the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion last weekend, with members of the York Normandy Veterans Association in attendance as air and ground crews in full period uniform and kit.

Today, marks the 75th anniversary of the raising of the Tricolor to signify the founding of the first of two squadrons made up of French airmen, who served with RAF Bomber Command.

The second, 347 Tunisie Squadron, formed on June 27, 1944.

The all-French squadrons went on to fly bombing raids in Halifax heavy bombers on thier own country, along the Normandy coast, between June 2 and 5, supporting the D-Day invasion.

Ian Reed, museum director, said: “Exactly 75 years ago today the first crews of the two famous French heavy bomber squadrons within Bomber Command formed up here at RAF Elvington in their British Halifax bombers.

“Just a few days later they were to take part in the assault on their country’s own coastline in Normandy on the night before D-Day. Many of their crews were destined never to set foot again on their homeland, yet their sacrifice to liberate France and the rest of Europe is a testament to all the 55,800 airmen of RAF Bomber Command who gave their lives in this task.

"The names of 346 “Guyenne” and 347 “Tunisie” continues today in two French jet squadrons but the memory of their predecessors continues to live on here at Elvington. We will remember them.”