I noticed a small comment in The Press recently stating that charities, community groups and union leaders had made a joint plea to political parties to eradicate ‘hate speech’ during the European elections.

This plea could equally be made to Press correspondents where letters quoting phrases such as ‘namby-pamby’ and ‘wilting flowers’ have been used and, regarding the European elections, a recent letter referred to the new Brexit party in derogatory terms.

I think we need to remember that some time ago UKIP supporters were called ‘fruitcakes’. This proved to be a misnomer with over half of the people who cared enough about the result of the referendum to vote appearing to agree with their opinions.

As we like to think we live in a democracy, we can surely grant each other the right to hold different views without feeling the need to sneer and indulge in silly name calling, whether or not we are politicians? It seems to me that mature adults could avoid indulging in childish playground insults.

Pamela Brown,

Goodwood Grove, York