THE owner of York’s first cat cafe is ‘feline’ good about its launch next week.

The Cat’s Whiskers Cafe, in Goodramgate, is due to open next Thursday and will be home to 12 furry residents, which will be free to roam through the building looking for cuddles from customers.

The three-storey venue includes a selection of cat scratchers, climbing poles and fluffy blankets for them to curl up.

The venue aims to echo successful cat cafés in Newcastle, Leeds, Nottingham and London.

Cafe owner Lily Cole, from York, said it had taken three years to prepare.

She said: “I visited a selection of cafes to see if it could be replicated in York.

“I think the city is an ideal place to deliver a cultural and leisure attraction for visitors and tourists. I want the cafe to be a calm and relaxing place where people can forget about their stresses and unwind with a cat sitting and purring next to you.

“We are also working with the White Cherry Bakery, from Pocklington, to serve a selection of cakes for customers as they sit down, relax and play with our furry friends.”

Lily added that several of the cats have been adopted from a rescue centre in Escrick.

She said: “The cats will stay with us for a while before they find new homes.

“One of the cats at the Escrick centre has just had kittens so I think we will be welcoming some of them once they become old enough.”

The cafe entrance will be adapted with an extra door and partition to keep the animals safe inside the building and the café will serve up tea, coffee and cakes for cat lovers. Only 22 customers will be allowed inside at a time to “ensure the quality of the experience and the welfare of the cats is maintained at all times”, with an hour’s booking costing £7.

Mrs Cole added that a member of staff will be responsible for checking on the welfare of the cats last thing in the evening and first thing in the morning whilst the cafe will be closed on Tuesdays to be cleaned.

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