HAVING been the Independent candidate for Acomb ward in the council elections on May 2, I would like to thank those residents who cast their votes in my favour, along with one in Guildhall ward who spoilt their paper by asking for my return.

(While not being an advocate of spoilt papers, I must admit to a twinge of pleasure).

From the Independents’ point of view it was a disappointment.

Among all the political turmoil in the city there was a good chance of achieving some change to the system of party politics ruling debate. Sadly this did not happen.

Although disappointed with the outcome, I respect the decision and sincerely hope that the city-wide winning party can make a good show on the running and upkeep of this city and its traditional values.

Brian Watson,

Beckfield Lane, York

Brexit dominated the election in York

HELL hath no fury like an electorate scorned.

The City of York Council elections were dominated by one key factor, Brexit. Remain voters took their chance to rebel against Brexit and the Brexit voters largely went on strike.

Now unlike the Lib Dems I will say the public once again knew exactly what they were voting for, they were voting to punish politicians.

The ironic thing is remainers have vented their fury in an election where the winners have absolutely no power over Brexit or Westminster whatsoever.

By terrifying the Labour and Conservative parties they make Brexit more likely as both Government and opposition realise they must bring the issue to a close rapidly before they take another electoral beating.

Proof if ever it were needed that arguing about facts and figures is no way to win an election, you have to appeal to the heart and soul if you want to win.

For my part I’d like to thank the 341 people who voted for me and for other independent candidates across the city. I enjoyed the experience and will be out to build on this in future.

Dr Scott Marmion,

Woodthorpe, York

Canvassers were out there before election

IN response to Lorna Bourke’s letter dated May 6 regarding only the Lib Dems knocking on her door, I’d like to reassure Lorna that other political parties were out canvassing support all over York.

I’ve canvassed throughout this year on behalf of the Labour Party. I spoke with many residents and encouraged people to register to vote.

I knocked on more doors which sadly went unanswered. Hopefully next time you’ll meet more canvassers.

Melanie Starkey,

Burnholme Avenue, York

I will be your voice as a new councillor

I WOULD like to take this opportunity to thank the residents of Osbaldwick, Dunnington, Murton, Holtby and Kexby for giving me the honour of being one of your councillors on the City of York Council for the next four years.

I will work tirelessly with Cllr Mark Warters to ensure that your voice and interests are heard both in the council chamber and the various departments within the City of York Council.

Please know that I am your councillor, who is a Conservative, not a Conservative councillor.

At a time when interest, trust and belief is politicians is at an all-time low, I want to assure you that my desire is to bring some sense of unity, pride and gratitude back into role of an elected public servant.

I can’t promise to right all the wrongs or change the course of history.

I am one voice among 46 others on the council.

However, I will be your voice, and will make sure I am heard and seen, both in council and more importantly in the ward.

Cllr Martin Rowley,

Osbaldwick and Derwent ward,


Theresa May seems to be delusional now

IT has long been plain that Theresa May is entirely without the social skills needed in a Prime Minister.

Now she appears quite delusional.

The Brexiteering Tories are thrashed; Ukip is thrashed; the sitting-on-the-fence Labour Party gets a sitting-on-the-fence result; Liberals - the most steadfastly pro-European party we have had ever since the days of Jeremy Thorpe, if not Joe Grimond - rise phoenix-like from the ashes of their association with coalition Conservatives; opinion polls stand steady with a remain majority roughly four times the size of the leave majority in the obsolete 2016 referendum.

She thinks this means: “Just get on and deliver Brexit.”


Robert Stevens,

Bootham Crescent,