Polling day is fast approaching and decisions will be made by the electors as to who will run the council.

After many years of tribal politics it is quite refreshing to see so many Independent candidates seeking to be elected, some of whom have taken the step to abandon their previous political tribe.

The time has surely come when we must hope that as many Independents as possible are elected. It is time to stop the political grandstanding that has long been a feature of City of York Council, often to the detriment of the city and its residents.

My message is simple, if you have an Independent candidate in your ward then vote for that candidate and let us get a group of councillors who can challenge the tribal politicians and hopefully influence how the city is governed. It is a great opportunity to make a difference.

Vic Dales,

Hull Road, York

Money trees must be growing everywhere

IT now seems that the York Conservatives have a money tree just like Labour.

They obviously are getting quite desperate in that they are now delivering leaflets with the claim that they will freeze council tax for four years whilst at the same time investing in frontline services.

Anybody that believes such a claim must surely believe that the moon is made of green cheese. As a long-time member of the Conservative Party and a past Conservative councillor I am extremely disappointed at what is now happening to the once great political organisation, a party of which I was proud to be associated with.

All I can say is that I am quite glad I am no longer tarnished with the nonsense emanating from the local Conservative party.

If I elected as an Independent councillor on Thursday I will be truly independent, representing the ward to the very best of my ability, coupled with supporting what is good for the city as a whole.

John Galvin,

Bridge Road,

Bishopthorpe, York

Correcting Acomb Lord Mayor claim

IT is with some regret that I find myself having to write a letter about the local elections when I am standing as a candidate. I am doing so just to put a correction to a leaflet circulating in the Acomb ward asking for people to vote for the Conservative candidate Cllr Keith Myers, as he is their nomination for Lord Mayor.

If he feels the need to do that so be it, but then to say Acomb has not had a Lord Mayor living in the ward for 30 years is a false statement. I was Lord Mayor in 2008/9 and have lived in Acomb for the last 50 years.

Brian Watson,

Lord Mayor 2008/9,

Beckfield Lane,

Acomb, York

Council tax penalises working and hard-up

WE can’t say we haven’t been warned: if Labour take control of City of York Council they will raise council tax by 4.5 per cent.

Do Labour councillors not understand that this is a regressive tax that disproportionately penalises ordinary working and hard-up people whose interests Labour is supposed to represent?

When they were last in power in York, Labour raised council tax and cut support for the poorest. They have learnt nothing from their mistakes: let’s hope they don’t get the chance to repeat them.

Colin Hall,

Tower Place, York