UNCERTAINTY over the opening date of the new Community Stadium is causing York City a costly and "frustrating" headache, club bosses say.

Earlier this month outgoing council leader Cllr Ian Gillies told The Press he would be “disappointed" if the stadium - which was originally due to open in July - "wasn’t ready in the autumn”.

He added he “would hope that it would be ready by October".

Speaking to the Press, York City stadium development director Ian McAndrew said: “It is frustrating and annoying because the longer the delay the more it costs to run Bootham Crescent, which we are running at a loss.

“We had calculated the costs for the final programme and the final game of the season, now all the directors will have to sit down and work out a new plan.

“We are also trying to work out what to do with the sale of season tickets next year because the allocating system at the new stadium is different.

“We do not know whether we will be playing five games at Bootham Crescent or 10 games up until December.

“The sooner we can get into the stadium the better.”

City of York Council was not able to say whether the project had been delayed by weeks or months, or explain the reasons for the hold-up.

The delay means both York City Football Club and York City Knights will continue to play at Bootham Crescent until the new stadium is ready.

Mr McAndrew, writing in the programme notes for a recent York City home game, said: “In respect of the planning application submitted by Permission Homes for an 80 unit housing scheme on Bootham Crescent, we are deeply involved in discussions however, due to the local elections, and awaiting on some committee responses, determination of this application will take some time yet.”

Mr McAndrew, a former property developer, said he understood that delays are common in building developments.

He added: “We understand not everything goes to plan.

“Despite the set back, the facilities the new stadium will offer to the club, management, players and fans will be second to none at this level and we can’t wait to finally move in.”

City of York Council declined to comment.