ROADWORKS will begin in Skelton from next month.

City of York Council will be carrying out highway works for 10 weeks on the A19 Shipton Road at Skelton from Tuesday, May 7 until mid July.

The works are a requirement of the planning consent associated with the David Wilson Homes development on the former Del Monte site.

Work on the scheme includes alterations to the road layout to remove the acceleration and filter lanes to and from the Fairfields Drive junction and to help create a suitable access into the former Del Monte site.

The work will also reduce the speed limit from 50mph to 40mph, introduce pedestrian crossings and make amendments to bus stops.

City of York Council said the work "will be carried out in phases to minimise disruption and to maintain access into Fairfields Drive and thereon into the village throughout the main works".

For the first week of work, temporary traffic lights will be installed between 9am-4pm at the junction with Fairfields Drive to undertake activities such as removal of existing traffic islands. Access in and out of Fairfields Drive will be maintained but will be managed to ensure priority is given to keeping traffic flow on the A19 and to minimise queuing.

From week two until week eight, the A19 will operate with narrow lanes during the main construction works, in a bid to maintain a continual flow of traffic. Fairfields Drive will remain open but traffic signals may be used to control traffic for specific works at the junction.

For the final two weeks traffic flows along the A19 will be maintained using single lane working controlled by temporary traffic signals, and Fairfields Drive will be closed during this work.

The work during the first eight weeks will be done between 9am-4pm from Monday to Friday, while the final two weeks of work will be through the night, from 8pm-6am.

A City of York Council spokesperson added: "As with any highways scheme, there is likely to be some inconvenience at times during the works. Everything reasonably possible will be done to keep this to a minimum. Motorists should expect delays during the works and are advised to plan their journeys accordingly. For travel information in and around York, visit"