After more tragic deaths in the river in the last few weeks isn’t it about time we tried to prevent this from happening again by taking further precautions?

Why are fences not put along the river banks near Kings Staith? Just metal barriers with a partition which would makes them impossible to climb over. It could be similar to the one on Valley Bridge in Scarborough, it wouldn’t have to be high just impossible to climb over.

Maybe ropes could be attached to the wall so if people do fall in they can grab something to hold on to? The publicans could also help: if they see someone is clearly out of control through drink they should not serve them more alcohol. I know young people like to go out and have a good time, but the river is dangerous. I am a mother of four young adults who enjoy a drink in York but I worry now when they are out. When I was younger and my friends and I went out, we vary rarely separated and all made sure we got home safely.

S McClaren,

Boroughbridge Road, York