THE Yorkshire Party has launched its EU election campaign with a claim that the UK political system ignores the north of England.

The party claims that however residents of Yorkshire voted in the 2016 Brexit referendum, London-based politicians are likely to ignore them anyway.

The party, founded in 2014, says it campaigns for Yorkshire to have a stronger voice in the UK - "so the real issues Yorkshire faces, such as school funding inequalities, a lack of investment in the NHS, and our failing transport networks, can be addressed".

A party spokesperson said it advocates devolution to Yorkshire through the form of an elected assembly, similar to that seen in Greater London, Australia, Germany and the Canadian provinces.

For the EU elections, it had nominated a list of six candidates, from across Yorkshire, to stand for the party, with the two lead candidates being party leader Chris Whitwood and North Yorkshire Councillor Mike Jordan.

“Chris voted remain in the referendum, whilst Mike was a prominent leave campaigner,” said the spokesperson.

“We’re the only party standing in Yorkshire which is headquartered in Yorkshire,” said Mr Whitwood.