Project Fear knows no bounds.

While the Remainers take a holiday from their incessant barrage, the void is filled with eco-warrior group Extinction Rebellion pulling attention-grabbing stunts to publicise their ridiculous claims of Armageddon about to destroy our planet in the near future.

While the normal world tries to go about its daily working lives, these exhibitionists care for nothing but their lives of protest.

Geoff Robb,

Hunters Close,

Dunnington, York

No wonder people don’t trust politicians

THE ‘disconnect’ between the people and their politicians in the West has been going on for years - probably ever since people had the right to vote for leaders.

There are many examples, but the issue cannot be more stark than when our leaders will not release their annual tax returns, as is the case now with Donald Trump in the USA.

These leaders make the laws for people to abide by, but when it comes to themselves, they ignore this understanding and the democratic meaning of transparency.

These and other things such as Brexit are the reason why ‘the people’ do not trust their senior politicians any more according to national poll after national poll.

Political openness is compellingly in decline and something now that appears to be from a bygone age, to the great undermining of democracy.

Sad really when the people’s leaders appear to do just exactly what they want and to not act under the imposed democratic rules enacted for ‘the people’.

David Hill,

Northumberland Street,