A MAN has been caught on CCTV 'joking around' and standing on the edge of Ouse Bridge, being filmed by his friends - after four people have drowned in York's rivers in a fortnight.

North Yorkshire Police tweeted: "After the tragedies that we have dealt with recently with river deaths, this is particularly stupid."

They said officers were sent to 'give advice' to the man, who was 'clearly in drink.'

Other officers tweeted that something similar happened on Kings Staith, where they had to advise a group of men that trying to push each other in the river was not just 'joking around,' adding: "After we reminded them of recent events they soon apologised."

York Rescue Boat tweeted: "Disappointing to hear people putting themselves at risk again, especially when one wrong move could result in tragedy.

"As always, our team is on call to respond if required but please take care near the river. Don't put yourself at risk."