COURIERS in York are expected to take strike action on Good Friday in protest against Deliveroo.

York Courier Community (YCC), are unhappy with the company’s new fee system, which they claim will reduce riders’ pay, but which Deliveroo say means riders are paid more for longer distances.

William Bossman from the YCC said: “York Courier Community (YCC) is uniting with all York’s riders to send a message to Deliveroo this Good Friday.

“We don’t want these changes. It’s a pay cut in all but name. No rider has asked for a pay cut and Deliveroo’s reasoning is nonsensical dishonesty. Therefore YCC has called for riders to engage in a flash shutdown for three hours between 5pm and 8pm on Good Friday.”

A spokesperson for Deliveroo said the "vast majority" of its riders were "happy working with Deliveroo", and rider pay around the UK "is increasing".

He said: "Riders earn over £10 per hour on average. We have a system that works for riders, designed in consultation with riders, which is leading to higher earnings.

"Deliveroo offers riders the work they tell us they want, with the flexibility to work when and where they want, and security, with free insurance should something go wrong on the road."

Mr Bossman said YCC was still open to engage with Deliveroo "to find a solution that is in riders’ interests".