Something the public seem to be saying more than ever is: why bother voting?

It’s true, many politicians are useless and have failed to deliver what they promised or what we voted for.

But despite this I urge everyone to continue to exercise your democratic rights.

That right to guide the nation’s future was won by heavy bloodshed at places like Marston Moor after the despotic elites of Charles I’s court, drunk on a notion of sovereignty, held public opinion in contempt once too often.

Voter apathy and a low turnout changes nothing and allows such failings to go unpunished.

I will be standing as an independent candidate myself in the upcoming local elections, but rather than use this letter to plead for your vote I want to encourage everybody to carefully scrutinise all the candidates on offer and then exercise your right to vote.

Democracy has not died in this country, despite its current difficulties, and while I would never compel people to vote, election day is the one day where you the electorate are in power.

With that power comes responsibility so I hope the public will not see the election as a pointless burden or a pantomime but as a civic duty and a chance to contribute to the good governing of our city.

Voting is a privilege which millions around the world do not have. Treasure it, use it.

Dr Scott Marmion,

Woodthorpe, York

It makes sense to back Independents

Knowing first hand the benefits of having a truly independent local councillor who works hard and unheralded for everyone in the ward, as Mark Warters does on our patch, I hope that everyone who has an independent candidate on their ballot paper gives thought to their credentials rather than just voting on political party lines at the local election.

We need as many representatives on City of York Council as we can get who are unencumbered by party politics, who live amongst their constituents, and who are totally committed to both their residents and the well-being of our city. It really does make sense.

Geoff Robb,

Hunters Close,


Thanks for support in Micklegate area

WITH the elections looming, and given that I’m not standing again in Micklegate, I’d like to use the opportunity to say thank you.

Thank you to the residents of Micklegate, I enjoyed representing you for the last years.

I’m still humbled and very grateful for the trust that you placed in me.

Your vote for a recent European immigrant still gives me hope for the tolerant, progressive and open-minded society that Britain has been famous for.

Thank you to my fellow councillors: Julie and the two Johnnies for the good work in partnership.

Micklegate is a very diverse and active ward. I hope we’ve been able to offer something for everyone.

Of course, I’d like to see another Green councillor for the ward, to continue our good work and keep the other parties in check.

As we live in Copmanthorpe now, I’m happy to stand as the Green candidate there. There is a chance, as Copmanthorpe cares about our planet, our environment and believes in equality and a fair society.

A Green councillor would be a perfect match.

Cllr Lars Kramm (Micklegate Ward),

York Green Party,

Manor Heath,