YORK’S Conservative group has published its manifesto ahead of next month’s local elections - and plans include committing to building a new riverside walkway, building more council homes and investing in road maintenance.

Cllr Stuart Rawlings, deputy leader of the group, said the plans are “incredibly positive” for the city and will build on the achievements of the current Conservative and Liberal Democrat administration.

He added that he hopes residents will “put aside any Brexit fatigue” when they go to the polling booth on May 2 and focus on many of the other important issues for the city.

Cllr Rawlings said: “As a group the Conservatives are incredibly positive about York, we are a hugely successful city with a thriving economy, but obviously there is more to be done. Our Local Plan was successful because we worked with residents rather than against them and developed a plan that protected the green belt, targeted building on brown field sites first and still provided more than enough housing to meet the city’s needs going forward.

“Similarly, the council under our leadership has consulted widely on a number of essential issues - from the refresh of the Castle Gateway area of the city to the re-letting of our landmark library contract, which fully-funds all of York’s existing libraries for the next 15 years.

“We lead, but we listen to residents from around the city rather than working only for particular interests.”

The manifesto includes promises to maintain investment in front-line services and protect vulnerable residents, as well as creating new cycle lanes, bike parking and electric car charging points.

It also outlines commitments to invest £100,000 in secondary shopping areas and extend pedestrianisation hours in the city.