How To Hide A Lion From Grandma by Helen Stephens (Scholastic £6.99)

IN How To Hide A Lion, Iris made friends with a lion who became the hero of the town.

Now in the follow up, Iris’s Grandma is coming to stay. In order to prevent Grandma from becoming frightened, they decide to hide the lion.

It is such good fun seeing all the different ways the lion attempts to hide - such as by pretending to be a coat stand, a lamp and a towel!

Fortunately Grandma is a bit short-sighted so the task proves not to be too tricky. It soon transpires however that Grandma may be hiding something of her own in the great big dressing up box she brings along.

She also goes for a suspiciously large food shop in the supermarket, and then strange loud slurping noises can be heard coming from her bedroom.

You’ll have to read it yourself if you want to find out any more.

This is a picture book with a bit more text than some, good for children (age three plus) that like a longer bedtime story.

It is full of fun illustrations that make it easy to follow and it builds to a satisfying conclusion.

Iris and her Grandma enjoy a fun day of doing things together, from shopping and making giant sandwiches to dressing up and curling up on a sofa (or is it a lion?).

A story you will want to share again and again. And if you like this, you can also find out How To Hide A Lion At School.”

Philippa Morris,

Little Apple Bookshop, York