I AM grateful that Nick Blitz (Letters, April 5) recognises my fast-lane navigation of the A1237 roundabouts as applying sound engineering logic. We further agree that the A1237 needs dualling, now.

Instead, City of York Council is consulting about enlarging two more A1237 roundabouts; the Tesco roundabout which gains a northern exit to a new housing development and the A1237/B1363, Wigginton Road roundabout.

The plans are on the council’s website.

The consultation leaflet states: “As well as adding the new lanes, we also need drivers to ‘merge in turn’ to make the most of the improvements.

“This will increase the traffic flow and reduces congestion.”

Well, it would if drivers used the lanes as the council hopes. It isn’t the exit that is the problem it is the approach.

I went to Clifton Moor today and, approaching the A19/A1237 roundabout, overtook 23 cars and two coaches crawling along the left lane leaving the right lane completely empty for me.

Thank you all, but why do that? The right lane is clearly marked ‘straight-on/turn right’?

Council officers please visit the A19/A1237 roundabout to observe the abysmal failure of the multi-lane design.

I agree that you need drivers to ‘merge in turn’. The design fails because drivers do not use the approach lanes as needed.

Enlarging the roundabouts to multi-lane is no substitute for proper dualling, with flyovers.

Quentin Macdonald,

Church Lane,

Nether Poppleton,York