PARENTS at two academies in North Yorkshire are being invited to talks to discuss increased joint working between the two schools.

Staynor Hall Community Primary Academy, which opened in September 2016, is to forge closer links with Camblesforth Community Primary Academy, less than a ten-minute drive away.

Both schools are part of the York-based Ebor Academy Trust and are preparing plans for increased joint working arrangements.

A minibus will shuttle children from Staynor Hall to Camblesforth on a morning and bring them back at the end of the school day. This will also allow busy parents to use the Staynor Hall wraparound care facility, if they want to, from 7.30am to 6pm.

Staynor Hall’s deputy head teacher, David Card, is moving to Camblesforth after the Easter holidays to be head of school. Increasing joint working is top of Mr Card’s priorities and he will be responsible for co-ordinating the Early Years provision across both schools.

“This is an innovative and exciting solution to the age-old problem of parents not being able to find places for their children at popular schools,” said Dave Barber, executive head teacher and lead for the Ebor South hub of schools in the Selby area, which also includes Brotherton and Byram Community Primary Academy and Tadcaster Primary Academy.

“We are in discussions with North Yorkshire County Council about extending Staynor Hall, but this won’t happen until September 2020, maybe even later. Closer working with our partner school close by brings benefits to children at both schools.

“While each school will continue to have its own identity, increasingly all our schools are working more closely together to enhance the education experience for our children. Ebor employs specialist teachers in a range of subjects to enrich maths, English, science, sport, music, wellbeing and special educational needs across our schools.

“A minibus will also be used to develop joint activities across both schools. We plan to develop ‘forest schools’ at Camblesforth, for children in Reception on both sites. This will support their personal, social and emotional development.”

Two public meetings will be held on Wednesday, April 10, at Staynor Hall Community Primary Academy, to discuss the plans. One will be at 3pm and another at 6pm.

All parents or carers are invited to come along to whichever meeting is convenient and children are also welcome.

The local authority announcement regarding school allocations is to be made on April 16. Parents are not obliged to accept the school they are allocated and can opt for alternatives.

Ebor Academy Trust now operates 22 schools across Yorkshire, with two more set to join in July.