A GROUP of students from Selby College experienced the Northern Lights on a trip to Reykjavik.

The group of 30 students and staff flew to Iceland for a five-day tour of the country's natural wonders, visiting the famous Blue Lagoon - a geothermally heated spa in the lava fields at Grindavik.

Erin Simpson, 18, is a Geography A Level student who previously attended The Snaith School.

She said: "I really enjoyed the Blue Lagoon experience, I think that would have to be my highlight from the whole trip."

Geography lecturer and trip leader Karen Ralphs said: "We’re weren’t expecting the gale-force wind, hail and rain to such an extent, although it made for a very memorable and geographically relevant spa experience for everyone."

The group were lucky enough to see the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, on an expedition to Þingvellir National Park one evening, were they spent a few hours in the historic site.

Former Selby High School student Seb Bedkowski, 18, said: "It really was a once in a lifetime experience, the chances of seeing the lights are so unpredictable as it depends on the weather even though winter is the best time of year to witness them."

Karen Ralph said: "Geography is the study of the world and its people, so being able to take students to experience different locations, especially overseas, is of huge importance.

"Iceland is a geographer's dream, as you have so many different environments to explore. Being able to stand between two plate boundaries that have been rifting apart and see the evidence of volcanic activity all around you, will really help the students understand some quite challenging scientific processes. In addition, the students will take away with them memories for life. Being able to witness the Northern Lights in particular, is something they may never be able to experience again."