Writers of some recent letters have declared that they are baffled by the absence of a bus station in York or of any scheme to develop one in connection with planning proposals for the railway station area.

The 1948 Plan for York included a bus station near to the station but also the subsequently-aborted scheme for a new dual inner ring road, which would have connected this transport hub to all the main routes radiating from the city.

If a bus station was developed there would be a natural expectation that most bus services would start, terminate or call there. While there are a significant number of services that call at the railway station stops, many are not routed that way; those routed in and out of the city to Piccadilly/Merchantgate via the A19 being an example.

There would need to be a significant change in traffic management in connection with changes in bus routes on the lines of the Lendal Bridge scheme if buses were not to cause increased traffic congestion and to enable provision of an improved public transport system to justify the cost of a bus station.

David Randon,

Blue Slates Close,

Wheldrake, York