IT’S beginning to look a lot like spring thanks to flowers blooming across the York.

And this year thousands of daffodils have been planted to brighten up one of the key routes into the city centre.

More than 150,000 bulbs have been planted on the central reservation of Hull Road.

Flowers have also been planted throughout the area, with the scheme paid for by ward funding.

Hull Road ward councillor Michael Pavlovic said people are pleased to see the flowers brighten up the neighbourhood.

He added: “The result is fantastic and we’ve had a lot of positive feedback from residents who’ve never seen the road look so bright and colourful.

“Hull Road itself is just one of a number of areas in the ward where we’ve had bulbs planted. Badger Hill and Tang Hall have both benefited too.

“The good thing about this investment is it’s a one off and the results can then be enjoyed year after year.”

Spring flowers have been in bloom across the city including in Yorkshire Museum Gardens and Dean’s Park.