STORYTELLER, poet and scriptwriter John Osborne will perform two shows in one night at Pocklington Arts Centre on Wednesday as he celebrates radio, records and the Radio Times.

The BBC Radio 4 regular will combine John Peel's Shed, his tribute to the BBC broadcaster, with his latest show, Circled In The Radio Times, inspired by an old collection of the listings magazine.

John Peel's Shed has its roots in 2002 when Osborne won a competition on the late John Peel’s late-night Radio 1show. His prize was a box of Peel's records, many of them rare recordings by obscure and now defunct bands.

"Two of John Peel's mates drove to my house with the records, and one of the things I try to get a sense of in the show is that I remember it being such an odd competition to run on the radio.

"The fact that I won meant that I later felt pressure that I wasn't fulfilling the box, especially when John died two years later. It took me eight years between winning them and working out what I could do with them."

What emerged was John Peel's Shed, an ode to radio, those records and "anyone who has ever sought solace in wireless". First performed in Brighton in October 2010, the show was developed further before the finished piece was premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2011.

" I then toured it before moving on to do other things. I put it in the shed, locked the door and that was that, until I was asked to go to Dublin to do it again. I'd never been there, so I picked up the records, got on the plane and the show got a really good response."

So much so that Osborne decided to take John Peel's Shed on the road again. "There are two things that have an emotional impact in this show: the first is talking about John Peel and remembering all those nights spent listening to him, or maybe recalling his personality on the radio and television, with some people knowing him from Radio 4 rather than Radio 1. Then there's the nostalgia and environment that the radio and the records provide," says John, who tours with a record player.

John Peel's widow. Sheila, came to see the show in Ipswich. "I was slightly nervous that night, but later I gave her a copy of my book, Radio Head: Up And Down The Dial Of British Radio," John recalls.

Osborne's second show, Circled In The Radio Times, began with a phone call two years ago, when a woman clearing out a house told him she had some of his late grandfather's belongings: books, jumpers and a pile of copies of the Radio Times.

"I thought, 'that sounds exciting', so I drove there to have a look as I'm always interested in archives, the magazine front covers, but in this case also my grandad's notes. his handwriting, circling what he'd be watching that week," he says. "He was a policeman and he liked to watch all the police programmes above all else."

John noted how his grandfather's viewing habits changed after his grandma died and changed again when he had a heart attack, leading him to foregoing his hobbies in favour of watching more TV. "Then, in the last months of his life, he started to watch David Attenborough's wildlife programmes."

At first, John was not sure if he could make a show out of such source material, but one night in Sheffield, when he sat down with a couple of beers, it "all came out that night".

"I found I had this rhythm in my head and I knew I wanted the show to be about not only my grandad but also about the way we watch TV and how that's changed," he says.

When growing up, John learnt the art of compromise, taking it in turns with his sister to choose what they would watch. "Then one day, the World Cup was on, on her time to choose, and when my dad pointed out the World Cup only came round every fours years, she understood, though I think what he said might have been because he wanted to watch the football too!" he says.

John Osborne: John Peel’s Shed and Circled In The Radio Times, Pocklington Arts Centre, Wednesday, March 27, 7.30pm. Box office: 01759 301547 or at