THERE is still time visit the Battle of Waterloo in miniature which finishes today.

The display at St Olave's Church in Marygate Lane, which is recreation the Battle of Waterloo by using over 5000 painted figures, is being held to help raise funds for the Bright Future Foundation who help children in Malawi to attend secondary school.

Visitors are welcome to come and watch, and even join in by rolling some dice too.

The event hopes to raise £100 and pay for the education of two children over the coming year.

Organiser, Paul Johnson was inspired to recreate the battle after visiting Belgium for the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo in 2015, where 6000 re-enactors took part in a spectacular display.

He said: "We ran the game in York last year and were overwhelmed by the number of visitors and the £300 we raised for Bright Future Foundation.

"The game took almost three years to plan and is just for fun. But on the serious side, we know we can also make a big difference to a couple of children in Malawi with potentially positive life changing consequences for them.”