VISITORS to sexual health clinics in North Yorkshire rose by more than 50 per cent over four years.

A new report to North Yorkshire County Council showed in 2012/13 there were 9,885 attendances at clinics, but by 2016/17 this was up to 15,336.

The document, which included the latest available figures, stated over the same period new sexually transmitted infection (STI) diagnoses increased from 337 per 100,000 to 426 per 100,000 in 2016, but this was “to be expected with the increased number of attendances”.

The report stated: “This is positive in that people are being treated and therefore reducing onward transmission. Rates are still significantly below the England average. The chlamydia detection rate has increased in the last two years, and although below the national goal, it is now the same as the England average.”

The 2016/17 data showed 1,827 STIs were diagnosed and treated, and that chlamydia and genital warts were the most common.