HUNDREDS of school children across North Yorkshire had something to shout about on Red Nose Day.

Youngsters at Riverside Primary, Tadcaster; Monk Fryston Primary, Hunmanby Primary, Filey Junior School, and Thornton Dale CE Primary, Pickering took part in an ear-shattering charity challenge.

Noise monitoring specialists Cirrus Research arranged a special “Red Noise Day” to support the national BBC fundraiser and 60-100 pupils aged six to11 from each school went head to head in the fun shout out – with Cirrus Research donating £1 for every decibel reached.

Cirrus had a team of experts on hand with specialist equipment to ensure the “Red Nose Day” yells were all monitored exactly to see who came out top as Red Noise Day champions.

The eventual winners in a hard-fought contest were Filey and Thornton Dale who both claimed top spot with an impressive 128.3dB reached.

Cirrus Research Marketing Manager Antony Towle said: “It was a great day, but my ears are still ringing! The children were amazing and really put everything in to their shout out. Some people say children should be seen and not heard – but certainly not on Red Noise Day.”

The total decibels reached by combining the sound levels from all the schools came to an ear-shattering 626.1dB – louder than four Jumbo Jets taking off. A total of £776 will be donated to Comic Relief with the winning bonus included.