A MINSTER police hero has been awarded a prestigious accolade for his bravery in a dramatic incident.

Last September, The Press reported how Adam Rickers responded to reports of a man on scaffolding on the Minster overlooking Dean’s Park.

The Minster policeman climbed the scaffolding, checking each level until he spotted the male sitting on the edge of the Minster’s roof more than 250 feet above the ground.

Constable Rickers walked 15 feet along the roof edge and then climbed a 10 foot pinnacle to get close enough to start a conversation.

He kept the man calm and engaged in conversation for almost 30 minutes until a team from North Yorkshire Police, including a trained negotiator, climbed up to join Constable Rickers.

After another hour of careful persuasion, the man agreed to come down from the roof. The officers assisted him down the scaffolding and he was immediately taken to hospital for assessment.

For his bravery Constable Rickers has been awarded a Royal Humane Society Testimonial on Vellum which is signed by the society’s President, Princess Alexandra.

Commenting on the award, Mark Sutcliffe, head of security at York Minster, said: “Adam put himself at great personal risk to help a man experiencing the most unimaginable distress.

“Adam and those brave officers from North Yorkshire Police persevered in the most difficult and extreme circumstances. Working as a team, they brought a man back from the brink of despair and got him to safety so that he could get the care that he needed. There is an immense sense of pride around the entire Minster Community at this most courageous and selfless act from this quiet and unassuming man.”

Constable Rickers is expected to receive the award later this year.