TWO men who were arrested on suspicion of the attempted kidnap of schoolgirls in North Yorkshire have been released from custody.

North Yorkshire Police says that after an investigation into circumstances surrounding the incident in Knaresborough, officers did not believe the men, aged 19 and 46 and arrested in Bradford, were attempting to carry out such an offence.

It said inquiries had proved they were in the area and stopped their van for a legitimate reason. "Although the men did speak to the girls involved, it is not believed they intended to cause them alarm or distress."

The force said earlier this week that the girls, aged between 10 and 12, had been approached by a silver van in Half Crown Way.

It said yesterday the girls had acted correctly, seeking help from an appropriate adult but were left shaken.

It also said the incident could be the result of recent rumours circulating on social media about sightings of a suspicious van in North Yorkshire.

"Although it is imperative that children are taught about keeping safe, speculation can often be unhelpful and cause unnecessary distress,"it added.