CITY of York Council are spending £38 million improving the roundabouts on the A1237. But have these worked so far?

I think not, for the simple reason that the new ‘two-lane’ exits are not being used properly.

Designed to increase traffic flow off the roundabouts, these do not work when our resident York ‘road warriors’ refuse to let anyone merge back into lane one by

a) speeding up and closing any gap

b) driving down the middle of the road like a hero and stopping anyone from passing.

As a direct result we have seen little improvement so far in congestion, with continued queue after queue as you drive round the ring road.

These merge lanes are an important factor to these multi-million pound developments.

We are lucky enough to have a council which has invested money into road improvements for our benefit.

So please stop trying to be a superhero and help increase traffic flow by letting people merge. Closing the gap or driving down the middle blocking both lanes just makes you look stupid and benefits nobody.

A Sheard,


We need to sort out roundabouts in York

IT does not take a genius to realise that the roundabouts on York’s outer ring road do not work when faced with a large volume of traffic.

The roundabouts are used incorrectly (ie vehicles going on to the roundabout with no exit clear) but this is simply because if they waited, they would be waiting a very long time! Gridlock is the inevitable result.

Traffic lights would be the obvious measured solution. Or an underpass for vehicles?

Why doesn’t the council employ a specialist given the task of seeking a solution to the mess that is York’s traffic system?

Why would businesses want to come to York? What a logistics nightmare that would be.

It’s no wonder that cycle deliveries have become so popular in the city.

Sort it out! Can it be so difficult?

Billy Holland,

Del Pyke, York