I cannot believe we are yet again destroying the chance to open up the river to all, in favour of a multi storey car park which will be a ‘carbuncle’ on the riverside whatever way they try to ‘dress it up’ (First look at scheme to transform Castle area, March 11). I will be interested to hear what the Civic Trust think?

Just think what a beautiful city park we could have at St George’s Field with a bit of imagination, making the most of the riverside location and extending well beyond the castle area.

As another reader suggested we could have trees that blossom in the spring and continue to give pleasure throughout the summer.

What about a riverside cafe with lots of outside tables or an imaginative arboretum which can be enjoyed all year round. Perhaps we could also have an open air performance space for use by our many talented local community groups and street entertainers.

Let’s move car parking out of the city. Oh, we already have - that’s what our Park&Ride is for and already has nearby bus stops. Oh, and a river bus from the Askham Bar Park&Ride.

Jim Welsman,

Stamford Bridge

(formerly Woodthorpe, York)