A FLOOD warning has been issued for the River Ouse in York.

The Environment Agency issued the warning yesterday evening for the Ouse at York riverside properties, meaning flooding is expected and immediate action is required.

Low lying land and roads are the areas most at risk, the agency said.

A warning is also in force for the Ouse at Naburn Lock, south of York, with the agency saying the area most at risk is the properties immediately on Naburn Lock.

The Foss Barrier in York was closed overnight due to the River Ouse and Ure levels rising after heavy rainfall in the upper catchment in the Yorkshire Dales.

Speaking about the warning for the Ouse at York riverside properties, a spokesperson for the agency said: "The level is now 2.85m in York. Consequently, flooding of roads, riverside paths and cycle-paths and land is expected to continue through Wednesday. The river is starting to come over the banks through the city centre. Areas most at risk are low lying land and roads. We expect river levels to continue rising throughout Wednesday. A peak level in York of 3.1 - 3.4m is currently forecast for the early hours of Thursday morning, however this is likely to change."

The spokesperson added that the agency's incident response staff are closely monitoring the forecast and will close any flood gates as necessary.

They confirmed that the Foss Barrier will be closed again overnight.

Flood alerts, meaning flooding is possible, are in place for the Upper River Ouse in and around York and for the Tidal River Ouse from Naburn Lock to Selby.

Meanwhile, there is a warning in force for the River Ure at Roecliffe Caravan Park, near Boroughbridge.

Flood alerts are also in place for the Lower River Ure at Ripon and Boroughbridge and Lower River Swale at Leeming and Maunby.