A WOMAN proposed to her partner by hiding the question "will you marry me?" in a crossword she placed in The Press.

Anna Sanders, 25, took out an advert on the front page of Monday's edition of the newspaper.

While on a day trip to the city she and her girlfriend, Tessa Klein, 29, completed the crossword down by the River Ouse.

In the crossword Anna had included the magic question: "Will you marry me?"

Anna, who grew up near The Mount, York, and attended Millthorpe School, said that it was a perfect day and that Tessa had no idea when completing the crossword that she was going to propose to her.

She said: “We both do the crosswords together in newspapers on a morning so I thought that it would be a romantic way to propose.

“I included a number of clues in the crossword such as words associated with love, marriage and even her name.

“When she uttered the words and I pulled the ring out she was so surprised.

“I was worried that she wouldn’t get it but fortunately she managed to fill in the puzzle and thankfully she said 'yes'.

“We had a perfect day. We went for lunch in the city centre and then walked round the bar walls before completing the crossword.

“I grew up in York so it was a special place for me to propose and it was Tessa’s first time visiting York.”

Anna, who is currently studying a PhD on policy research at the University of Manchester, said that she first met Tessa a year ago when she travelled to America.

She said: “Tessa is from West Lafayette in Indiana.

“We met at Purdue University when I was working out there to gain some experience on a project.

“Tessa is a student nurse and is hoping to move over to England by June, so I thought this was good time to ask the question.”

Tessa said it was the a wonderful surprise and the perfect proposal.

She said: “After a wonderful day exploring Anna’s home town we sat by the river and Anna suggested doing a crossword puzzle.

“I had no idea that this crossword would turn out to be so special.

“It was the best surprise I have ever received and the most perfect proposal.”

Anna added they have both told their parents.

She said: “We both rang our parents last night and they were over the moon about the news.

“Most of my friends already knew that I was going to propose so they were all thrilled to find out, but I still have a few more to tell.”

The couple said they had not set a wedding date yet, however they were looking to tie the knot in the Autumn of next year.