DARA O Briain was so enjoying playing York Barbican on Saturday night, it felt like a holiday, he said. So much so, he would be turning up in shorts on Sunday, he promised.

Now, that might have drawn the attention of the Dubai police, who had only one concern before granting the Irish stand-up permission to perform there. Not would there be political content? Not would there be swearing? No, they wanted to know if there would be any...sexy movement.

O Briain, a big but nimble man in a big suit, proceeded to do a little dance, hip swivelling, self mocking, as he regaled the full house with one of several tales of what has happened to the County Wicklow humorist and ubiquitous presenter since his last tour show, Crowd Tickler, visited York in November 2015.

He tackles the big questions in his diverse TV work; on stage, he is a more physical comedian, breathlessly energetic; a golden-tongued Irish storyteller, who doesn’t like Guinness by the way.

He has the gift of the blarney; knocks holes in baloney; shakes his head at the bewildering befuddlement of Brexit and York’s profusion of fudge shops, and he finds a new way to engage in conversation with the front row, as if he were meeting new people over a meal for the first time. He does so from a chair, close up, moving up and down the line with dazzling speed of wit.

The Voice Of Reason is indeed yer man for all reasons, talking sense, making mischief of the nonsense, over two sets of brilliantly delivered stories, witty and wise observations and clear-thinking originality. Reasons to be cheerful, one, two, three and many more besides.